Issue 16 | 2021

Judith Skillman | Cold Spring, The Apology

Margot Kahn | Accidental Hosts, If someone says Catalina, Winter

Amanda Hartzell | I Never Want to Leave

River Elizabeth Hall | Ode to Mouths, A Poem for Roadkill

Linda Cooper | The Procession of Things to Come, Fragmentation, Festival of Choirs*

*Winner of this year’s Allied Arts Foundation Poetry Award

Rachel Karyo | The Specials, Everyday Mathematics, Three Princesses

John Glowney | Praiseworthy

Sheila Sondik | Looking Glass, The Joy of Cooking, The Understory

Linda A. Vandlac Smith | Febrile, Passing, Prepositional

Sarah Stockton | Hard Landing, Atlantis

Angela Sucich | Start at the Beginning, He Sings to Our Daughter

Susan Lynch | Zero Point, How to Be Nothing, Nothing Doing

Constance Bacchus | divorced flowers – carnations

Nicole Bailey | Mom introduced me to honey, #DryJanuary

Sierra Nelson | I Take My Signs as They Come, Hemorrhage: Etymology of Rent (2nd Trimester), Where Are the Stairs to Future Perfect?

Doug Sylver | Foraging

Nathaniel Youmans | How to be Gentle

Robin Anne Reid | Geography is Linear, A Matter of Survival

Bill Hollands | The Painting, A Rare Sighting

Jed Myers | Not Our Tribe, Jewish Cemetery Night, Late Winter Dawn

Sandra Noel | Anatomy of a Feather

Joel Savishinsky | The Raker’s Progress, Antideconstructionist, The Carpenter Bee

Kathya Alexander | The Machine

Peter Nelson-King | Poems Written on the Backs of Receipts

Leland Seese | doxology from a walk between thundershowers during the coronavirus lockdown, Regarding Heaven

Connie Wasem Scott | Driftwood, Driving through Wheat Fields to Waitsburg, Love Poem to My Garden Blueberries

Samantha Wright | Brightening, Empyrean, Rivers

Lynne Ellis | Sympathetic Resonance, Diagnosis

Mary Ellen Talley | Imprint of Bird on Window, Dream in Parking Lot Rain, First Blossom, Fourth Floor Convention Center

Susan Landgraf | The Difference

Dale Sprague | Let the Pieces Lay

Pamela Hobart Carter | Her Historical Geology, Latitudes

Tina Blade | Pomegranate

Luke Janicki | Gunny Sack, Cantilevers

Chris Dahl | Constriction, Forward

Lucas Wildner | Inertia, for the student who asked if I would donate during the campus blood drive

Craig Thompson | Spider, Sixty-Five

Ted Lord | Elegy for My Mother-In-Law

Katy Shedlock | Another St. Francis Poem

Scott Ferry | Sons, when i was a nurse on the medical floor