Sympathetic Resonance, Diagnosis

Sympathetic Resonance

My voice can pull
harmonics from
piano strings,
rattle dishes
in my kitchen.
Hardwood floors buzz
beneath my feet.
A high note held
is not a peak,
it's a view of
one mountain while
standing on another.
A week before my
cut date I float
in warm water,
mind-body tight.
My handsome friend
plays arpeggios
on my left thigh.
Bach feels like smooth
algae in salt,
presses on my
sore spots. Chopin
tickles skin the most.
I tell him so.
He likes the way
my mouth looks when
I laugh. The song
shape of my lips.

Here comes the new
info. Hornet swarms blow
out the windows. Keep
your cool. Cover your
mouth with a hand &
breathe through the bee-veil.
Lay out that plate
of figs & cake & damn
the flies. Damn each
rotten seed. Pinch wasps
at their waists & dodge
the stings. Go out
to the brood boxes.
Brush them with dung.
Ready your honey claws
for the pollen war.

Lynne Ellis writes in pen. Her words have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest, the Missouri Review, Poets Reading the News, WA 129, PageBoy, among others. She was awared the 2021 Perkoff Prize and the 2018 Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize. She is currently working on a collection of pandemic-themed broadsides, in collaboration with Felicia Rice (Moving Parts Press). Her book, In these failing times I can forget, was published by Papeachu Press in 2020.

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“Diagnosis” was originally published as part of the June 30/30 Project at Tupelo Press.

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