divorced flowers – carnations

divorced flowers – carnations
Constance Bacchus

all the carnations know
                                              what to say
in social situations appear in
             stately pink & white gowns in
clumps 	                come back again
next year look lovely in a
                                   curvy vase of dark green from
the florist who doesn't know the
family 			      it may as well be a casket
greeting all the damned mourners in
shades of lilac pink & white mild
take one 	        w/you	    let it keep you
             amuse you 	make you feel less sad
what do you think when gazing
            at that beautiful explicit shade of broken
xanthous green how do you feel about
carnations now do they bear that
                                                     lilac smell
she loved

Constance Bacchus is currently based in the Upper Grand Coulee. She lives with her daughter and often writes about the area.


“divorced flowers – carnations” was originally published in DREICH BROAD REVIEW.

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