Issue 14 | 2018

And what if everything | Natasha Moni

Flagrant Delicto | Rena Priest

merge | Luther Allen

Waiting for the Reveal | Emily Gwinn

Distance, Bone | J. I. Kleinberg

Watching You Sleep, Cascade Mall Shooting September 23, 2016 | Rachel Mehl

in some future time | Jory Mickelson

The Misanthropist | Judith Skillman

[Reader, let’s neither of us fuck this up], [I have conceded every thing], [N]o matter what [is] involved] | Devon Wootten

Ruins | Andrew McBride

Marie Sklodowska-Curie translates poems about polonium|Scott Ferry

I walk through a snowy wood | Tim Greenup

Stop Motion | Heidi Seaborn

Fall Again | Jeremy Voigt

blue heat | Afrose Ahmed