Issue 11 | 2015

West Hollywood to Pasadena, CA 1998 | Tom Schabarum

This Rotten Carcass of a Boat | Judith Skillman

Listening to the Odyssey at 35,000 Feet | Michael Daley

We Are All In This Boat Together | Ann Spiers

I Had My First Kiss! | Elizabeth Austen

Tremor | Thom Schramm

At the Museum of Don’t Come Back | John Glowney

Marquez Night | Lilo Way

Sylvia’s Hair | Jesse Minkert

There is another world / but it is inside this one | Martha Silano

To Napoleon’s Penis | Dennis Caswell

Aura Light | Jed Myers

Neatly Folded on the Bank | Michael Haeflinger

Resistance | Deirdre Lockwood

Turning West | Kathleen Byrd

Fate Machine | Laura W. Allen

Forecast | Cynthia Neely

Rain | John Davis

Thirty-Six Lines in Defense of Clutter | Betty Scott

Costco- Sized Yoshida’s ®️ | TJ Wiley

In Those Early Days, White Room Girl Dreams of Loneliness | Maya Jewell Zeller

Last Childhood Poem | Priscilla Long

Last Night Your Mother | Kevin Miller

Leon Evans | Susan Rae Sampson

Miss O’Keeffee Makes Pea Soup | Susan J. Erickson

My Children Proceed | Kate Reavey

One Morning the Crackers | Ellen Welcker

Place[holder] | Janet Norman Knox

Take One By Mouth | Kathryn Smith

Tara Watching Porn | Matt Muth

The Gold Car | Linda Malnack

Then, A Robin | Katy E. Ellis

Thursday Night Dream | Elizabeth Aoki

What Was Good About Going to Church | Jennifer Bullis

Alongside Her Dying | Alicia Hokanson

5 Seconds on the Microwave | Janie Elizabeth Miller