Thursday night dream

In her dream she met him in his apartment that had been an old mechanic’s garage.
The bed was still on a lift that could be pulled up and down but they
sat on the couch while the bed floated above some far corner.
Huge windows stared in at them like eyes. She had come seeking
his advice or some reassurance she was in the right neighborhood
for this dream. And he simply had dragged her into this apartment,
sure in what he had to say: she should be here.
They snuggled on the couch with him
breathing so gently into the back of her neck, waiting in the silence
for her to calm and for the square walls of this place to lift.
It wasn’t about bed, his body told her, though there was that too.
It wasn’t about being light outside, or inside for that matter,
she still fluttered like a mad bird, hummingbird mind going and going.
It was about the kiss on the neck that said, take your time baby
while the dark walls were still around them and she didn’t know the door.

-Elizabeth Aoki

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