Issue 12 | 2016

Sweet Chariot | Keith Moul

Wild Flowers | Zach Pike-Urlacher

Freeway Fractal | Zach Pike-Urlacher

The Following Sea | Tom Schabarum

Spring Equinox | Sheila Bender

Chicken Pluckers | Fredda Jaffe

Sitting with Iris | Alicia Hokanson

Was a Time | Katy E. Ellis

After the Party Pantoum |Rachel Kessler

Some Kind of Sonnet | Rachel Kessler

Nurselog Sprig | Jill McCabe Johnson

Gymnosperm | Jill McCabe Johnson

Insomnia’s Lunatic | Judith Skillman

Twinned | Judith Skillman

Nightmare Ghazal | Judith Skillman

Lost Twin | Joanne M. Clarkson

The Nine of Cups | Joanne M. Clarkson

Hopewell Bay | Cynthia Neely *

Cat’s Eye (I) | Amy Schrader

The Symbols | Amy Schrader

Incident Along the Elwha River | Tom Moore

Creation |afrose fatima ahmed

Occupation |afrose fatima ahmed

Redd | Andrew Koch

Window Panes | Joseph Powell*

The Pass Over | Joseph Powell

Only at Night | Joseph Powell

For Grace Jones (And All Those Who Model Themselves After) | Imani Sims

On My Way to Grandmother’s House | Imani Sims

For a Friend Gone Away: Narcissistic Version |Derek Sheffield

Bedtime Story | Derek Sheffield

Front Street, Portland, Oregon, 1939 | Sean Bentley

Visiting | Sean Bentley

Season | Sean Bentley

The Clacker Bell | Linda Cooper

Correspondence From the Bottom of the Well | Linda Cooper

Mother Cabrini Dried Up | Rebecca Valley

In the Branches of the Cherry Tree | Rebecca Valley

Medieval Saints Could Read Hearts | Rebecca Valley

Trapped Bird Inside Hospital Corridor | Kate Peterson

Upon Finding Out I Miscarried Our Child While Flying Over Lake Michigan | Kate Peterson

On Stealing My Neighbor’s Calico | Kate Peterson

The Jesus Boat | Arlene Naganawa

Wild | Arlene Naganawa

Winter, 1970 | Arlene Naganawa

Ash, or Types of Silence | Lydia Swartz

Meta Pity Party | Lydia Swartz


*Winner of the 2017 Paula Jones Gardiner Memorial Award