Issue 15 | 2019

Dura Mater, Prayer with Torn Edges & Animals | Katrina Roberts

 [Incandescence], [The Timber Wolf]| Elizabeth Vignali

Excerpt from The Book of Lamentations | Jeremy Voigt

The Deaf Woman and Silence | Sylvia Pollack

How to Walk Like a Quadruped, ICE/Box | Jennifer Bullis

Splintering Tiny Soup Bowls Up Into the Sky | Jeanne Morel

In My Kitchen, My World View | Joan Moritz

To My Future Caregiver | Christopher Buckley

Today, like most days… | Judith Camann

Eclipsed | Alicia Hokanson

Out Back | Robert Malloy

Elegy in Summer Grass | Kim Kent

Western Story, Packing Lunch After a Mass Shooting | Margot Kahn

Impressionist at the Border | Emily Holt

 Dear Bitter Old Woman of My Future Self, Dear Planners of My Funeral| Tina Schumann