This is just to say

you have stolen
these children
whom you are

and whom
you are using
as leverage
for funding your wall

How to Walk Like a Quadruped

Post horse-kick
to the knee, post-election, I still take to the trail on foot.
An hour a day in the woods,

two miles tops, is as far as my bad leg goes.
After a while,
the good leg goes, too, from carrying the extra load.

When you inject
trauma into a system, more trauma spins off, ripples out.
Another problem

What Was Good about Going to Church

I liked that everything was turning into something else. I was becoming a believer in the one big body. All of us growing into various limbs and organs of one Beloved, yearning for Bridegroom Christ and a strange consummation. And that so much of church was about food: coffee hour, communion, the grand picnic narratives…