Not just a spiral but a spiraled spiral.
Not just light but heat. The Edison bulb,

endangered for good reason and yet it’s our nature
to return to what’s familiar but bad for us.

Fuck the cold light of the LED, the green
fluorescent. You know you’d be the bat

[The Timber Wolf]

In this version, she’s still not easy to love. In this version,
she stalks your pets, not your children. Her indifference
cuts you. Her unflinching yellow eyes. She’s no

shoeshine deer, no lapsed sheep. In this version, she ignores
Little Red Riding Hood, her talcumed grandmother.

Dura Mater

I carried death inside me for several days, waiting

That man had no ticket to the concert; he pressed his ear to the wall,
but no song found him

Bees were swarming; they made sleeves and a hood around me when I stood still

All winter a deep booming as black ice shifted on the lake, cracking into continents

Prayer with Torn Edges & Animals

Listen, I need one that begins with what zoologists call a
of lions, how the soft gold wings of the pride sweep to enfold those left

behind; how she nurses each
foundling as her own. See,
everywhere boys
are running from something.
What do we know? Tell me

Issue 15 | 2019 : Coming Soon

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