The world never again, or before

The World Never Again, or Before

There was the lightest breeze moved at a walking pace over
the beach carried voices from children far off sounding like birds
Or small animals the small animals they were they sounded like
themselves far away and where the sand sloped down to
the agate beach the water it never looked like this again, or before
the white sun shining in each scalloped wave and she looked
at the thin broomed-out clouds low on the horizon across the bay
and listened to the voices carried on that breeze and everything
she knew was gone the storm had laid everything flat
she could be anything she wanted now, or before

Curtis Taylor is a writer and producer working in film and theater. His work has been presented by the Northwest Film Forum, Seattle International Film Festival, On the Boards, Center on Contemporary Art, New City Theater, Film Brigade (Chicago), the TBA Festival (Portland OR), El-Hakawati Theater (Jerusalem) and SXSW (Austin TX). He lives in Seattle with his family.


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