Dusk Falls Just Before Grand Junction

I filled my tank before I left Telluride:
Pederson’s station, fifty cents.
I’m headed as far as the heat allows.
Somewhere, there’s a spotless life, clear
of every working part. I’ve been searching
for two rivers’ confluence, cliffs that ripple
from their certain horizon. Red upon red.
I’ll let the groomed roads guide me.

Kathryn Smith’s poems have been nominated for Best American Poetry and the Pushcart Prize, and have been published or are forthcoming in the Laurel Review, Bellingham Review, Mid-American Review, Redivider, Southern Indiana Review, Duende, and elsewhere. Her first full-length poetry collection will be published in 2017 by Scablands Books. She is a graduate of the MFA program at Eastern Washington University and the recipient of a grant from the Spokane Arts Fund.

Website: http://kathrynsmithpoetry.com

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